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Join our prophetic community...

  • Do you want to grow in the revelation gifts and callings on your life?

  • Whether it is in simply hearing the voice of God better, discernment, the prophetic, words of knowledge and wisdom, interpreting prophetic symbolism, understanding what you are perceiving in the spirit, or how to partner with God and activate revelation. 

  • Beginner to experienced. All are welcome.

  • Grow and be understood and activated within a safe and empowering community of believers.

  • Have opportunities to practice within a safe learning  community, and to outwardly minister.

  • Discover depths of God, and His word and understanding that will shape you, cause you to come alive in new and wonderful ways, and challenge you.

  • Be mentored if you are called as an emerging prophet within the context of community.

In association with Global Prophetic Alliance

Up Coming Community Intakes In April!

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