A Collective Watershed Era

Breaking radio silence over here today! Finally. Our lives took a turn over the past few months with the sudden addition of the viking's (husband Carl) serious health challenges, which praise Jesus are well on the way to full restoration, so we have been just finding our feet again. Even the story behind that on the back of my challenges is a revealing one, but will follow that up another day and post.

While I've had so many words brewing in my spirit to share over this time, I thought I will begin with this prophetic message as the timing is right upon us all now to lay hold of.

Those of you who have known us for more than a few years will likely be aware we began a ministry with a team of beautiful friends called Watershed Collective around 6years ago, with an emphasis on extended prophetic led worship, encounter and ministry events. While we have transitioned our ministry expression, those times marked so many of us as we encountered the Lord move upon our lives in increasing and powerful ways. I share this as to the context to what follows. As I was typing out my personal email address yesterday in a text, Holy Spirit emphasised it's importance to this season in what He had already been showing and speaking to me about, a collective.watershed@ *you*

“It is He who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!

Daniel 2:21 Amp

I repeat often that I am a firm believer in being able to understand the times (both Chronos: chronological time and Kairos: opportune moment of time) rather than a flakey view of just letting time pass by or happen to us, we are suppose to be able to interpret and steward both chronos and kairos time. It's a particular interpretation or revelation gift I have cultivated over the years and am finding greater accuracy for, but one I believe as with any gifts of the Spirit we can all pursue for greater understanding for our lives and those around us.

Many are declaring it so, and I believe it true also, that right now is a kairos or opportune moment in time to lay hold of. [I highly recommend listening to Kris Vallotton's podcasts 'New Covenant Solutionaires part 1&2' for more insight on this]. The Lord emphasised this to me as a typed out my email by explaining that it is in fact a COLLECTIVE (as in actions, feelings or situations that are shared by a group or multiple people) are experiencing or about to experience WATERSHED moments (moments that are turning points that change direction where things will never be the same) which will set them on a course for the next era (as in a long or distinct period of time/history) not just a season of their lives, that I believe will also potentially have such significant impact on the spheres of influence and people around them that they are called to. I have seen this happen suddenly within just the last month of my own life even. And as my life tends to be a living message to others, am fully convinced it is true for so many others. That this isn't a time for wishful thinking, but that it is right NOW upon us to lay hold of. My personal watershed has suddenly changed the direction of my daily life, shifting me out of the most extreme season of brokenness, trauma and warfare suddenly into joy, increase, crazy favour and more restoration, freedom and healing. This direction for my life was completely unexpected, the favour I'm suddenly experiencing is like nothing I have quite experienced this way before. Yes I was pursuing restoration, freedom and healing all this time, I wasn't however looking for it in partnership with what I have now stepped into. Interesting that I'm currently walking into a pathway that I purposely laid down 18years ago to pursue family and eventually church ministry. I never desired or anticipated it would be something to resurrect again or at this stage of life. Nor is it a flight of fancy, but rather a passion and dream I actively pursued and grew in since I was 4years old and consumed many of my waking thoughts with. I laugh at how the Father has answered the desire of teen me over two decades on just so He can remind me how faithful He is, how seen we are and how much He cares to fulfil the desires of our hearts even if they take time.

I share all this because I believe for some their watershed moments that set the trajectory of their new era will in fact be the resurrection of dreams that were shelved or laid down 18 plus years ago. Not only that but the acceleration and unexpected favour you are about to experience will leave you in complete awe and thankfulness at the kindness of the Father. So much so you will confidently expect to find unreasonable favour simply because the Lord has graced you so right now it would feel defiant to believe otherwise because of who He is and your trust in Him to lead. It's a confident surrender to His favour that is completely humbling even while He is revealing you.

Even if you are still in the throngs of challenges and chaos right now, I still believe you can lay hold of your watershed and the favour God has for you. Maybe your watershed will completely flip the narrative of life over your situation and reset your course. Or if things in one area of life are in disarray, the Lord may want to bring acceleration and favour to another area. Don't count yourself out. The Lord is mobilising His bride for what is to come, that is why it is happening collectively. The tensions in the heavenly's that have been so strong the past year, are now manifesting their earthly rewards as we have and continued to partner with the victory in Christ!

How do we all walk into our collective watershed's? Here a few key thoughts:

  • Our 'yes' matters. Don't be afraid to say yes to something or a direction that looks different than what you thought or have previously known. You can say yes trusting that the Lord will lead you securely knowing what you are able to handle right now, especially if you are coming out of or within certain challenges and situations that have demanded a lot physically, mentally, spiritually, socially or emotionally. Just as our 'yes' matters, our 'no' will also so that we are not stepping into things or places we know are not right for right now.

  • It will require some kind of action and response. It may only be a small initial unknown step, but if you are waiting for some miraculous illumination or booming voice from heaven you may just walk straight past it. You may not even realise your turning point has happened until after the fact as you begin to walk it out, almost like you stumbled upon it but can also see the Lord's hand in it all.

  • What dreams were you actively pursuing or prophetic promises did you have 18 plus years ago that you shelved or laid down? Consider revisiting them again with the Lord. We all have fantasy's, but look for the things that you were actually graced for in that season/era, they could well be the key.

  • The favour will chase you down! If God is highlighting it, the favour will pursue you, you will hardly need to look for it. Unreasonable favour searches you out because God is on the case, this means you will even be finding favour with not yet believers. Declare and pray into the favour partnering your faith and thanksgiving with it. It won't just occur once or twice but crazy favour will be a continuous theme of this era. Don't play down or cast off the favour, it's strategic of the Lord in the way He is setting you up.

  • Expect it to be unexpected, and don't underestimate it. Maybe the watershed direction doesn't have quite the appearance of holiness you thought it would, or context to the previous season, or seem to make much logical sense at all. But don't discard it. God is positioning His body into an expansive reach position where no sphere of culture is off limits to the extending of His arms of love in this era. We are presence carriers, atmosphere shifters, love bombers and miracle messengers of Jesus into ALL the world.

  • Don't let anyone (or yourself) drag you off the path with doubt once you know this is the one you are suppose to be on right now.

  • Unity won't look like clones. Our collective watersheds will be individually diverse. Doing the same thing doesn't make a people unified, Christ is our unifier that joins all the parts of different function together. To covet or even pursue the favour on one's life is ridiculous, your favour is elsewhere find it and steward it. Champion each other, every joint supplying without the pressure to conform to another's pathway under the banner of perceived unity.

Right now I pray Jesus that we would see the body collectively step into their personal watershed era that will mark an entire generation of people and establish a legacy for generations to come. That where your people have been waiting for the turning point in their lives to come, they would now come swiftly and uninhibited. They would be in awe at your goodness, faithfulness and favour. Release unreasonable and unexpected favour that would overtake them with blessing for the extension of your kingdom and the glory of your name. The world would look on in astonishment as you make of us a 'sign and a wonder' compelling them closer to the Father as the veils over hard and broken hearts are torn and scales of disillusion fall from eyes as they see Jesus. Give us all wisdom and understanding to walk into the era and watersheds ahead. That we would be giving, humble and loving stewards on every pathway to all peoples. Thank you that You lead us in all things in all love.


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