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A Collective Watershed Era

Breaking radio silence over here today! Finally. Our lives took a turn over the past few months with the sudden addition of the viking's (husband Carl) serious health challenges, which praise Jesus are well on the way to full restoration, so we have been just finding our feet again. Even the story behind that on the back of my challenges is a revealing one, but will follow that up another day and post.

While I've had so many words brewing in my spirit to share over this time, I thought I will begin with this prophetic message as the timing is right upon us all now to lay hold of.

Those of you who have known us for more than a few years will likely be aware we began a ministry with a team of beautiful friends called Watershed Collective around 6years ago, with an emphasis on extended prophetic led worship, encounter and ministry events. While we have transitioned our ministry expression, those times marked so many of us as we encountered the Lord move upon our lives in increasing and powerful ways. I share this as to the context to what follows. As I was typing out my personal email address yesterday in a text, Holy Spirit emphasised it's importance to this season in what He had already been showing and speaking to me about, a collective.watershed@ *you*

“It is He who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!

Daniel 2:21 Amp

I repeat often that I am a firm believer in being able to understand the times (both Chronos: chronological time and Kairos: opportune moment of time) rather than a flakey view of just letting time pass by or happen to us, we are suppose to be able to interpret and steward both chronos and kairos time. It's a particular interpretation or revelation gift I have cultivated over the years and am finding greater accuracy for, but one I believe as with any gifts of the Spirit we can all pursue for greater understanding for our lives and those around us.

Many are declaring it so, and I believe it true also, that right now is a kairos or opportune moment in time to lay hold of. [I highly recommend listening to Kris Vallotton's podcasts 'New Covenant Solutionaires part 1&2' for more insight on this]. The Lord emphasised this to me as a typed out my email b