Call To Come Forth...

To the spiritual leaders and five fold. Especially those with a mandate or calling to lead others in the body in your God given strengths and anointing, possibly without a current 'formal' naming or placing, yet highly favoured by God and man. Those who are more than happy to faithfully steward from behind, in the background or in obscurity. The Lord would say to you, come forth! Come out into the forefront and be seen and be heard in the unique way I have designed and purposed you.

You have no intention of making a spectacle of yourself, in fact you are much more comfortable championing others on and quietly getting about your business without a fuss. Now I ask you, lay aside any false humility, fear of seeming self promoting, fear of rocking the boat or being unqualified, come forth. I need to you to step into the fullness of your calling now. Where are you limiting, you who I have called? Let this calling forth fully apprehend you, that you may unashamedly walk in it.

You have been allowing the shaping to take place in the Spirit in private, now I need you to allow that which I've been allowing in you to be seen.

I need you to come forth to the front, not to displace or control, but to lead by example. To go before those whom I am asking you to, to lead them forwards faith. Forerunners and pioneers, you are suppose to be up ahead so others may find their way. You have carved out some spiritual ground for yourselves, now carve it out with others and in the natural. It is completely necessary that you do, for otherwise my people will flounder in confusion. They need your assistance to apply My word in illuminating their lamps unto their feet, and lights unto their paths.

No time for shrinking thinking. Rock that boat if you need, and capsize it if you must. It is better to learn to swim than wait out a sinking ship. My people have never been this way before, help them navigate it I'll show you the way, they will need your witness of courage. They will need revelation in the these days, that they will not be led astray by the spirit of the age.

Again I say come forth. Take your posting. Do so for My people. This is no time for casually sauntering about haphazardly in hopes you bump along the right way. Be intentional. Shake off the fatigue of overwhelm and intimidation, begin again, and again, as much as you need to.

You say the cost is too high. Let it cost you. I will comfort you, not the world, not your circumstances. I am moving My church out of her creature comforts. Be ok with being uncomfortable, there I can do a whole array of exciting things with you.

So, will you now answer? Give again Me your yes for today? Will you now come forth, just as you are? Because We know much rests in the balance of a single yes, a single surrendered obedience. Let this be a sobering moment of deep understanding of your value and responsibility to the body at the very hour in which you have been called upon.

Personal side notation:

Friends, can we be challenged to consider doing away with two common default phrases.

First; the "I don't know". Yes we don't know what we yet don't know, no problem, and we should willingly acknowledge when we don't know something rather than pretend we do. But the "I don't know" that shrugs off or undoes that which we have just verbalised, and lets us off the hook - that should probably go. Because while we may be somewhat unsure at times, if we have been watching and listening with the Lord, then we likely do know more than we realise and are in effect talking ourselves down away from risk, or giving ourselves an easy out.

Second; the term organic. It's slowly been getting under my skin, but only recently have I worked out why. We tend to use it as a fancier word for naturally letting something unfold. Nothing particularly wrong with that, and often kinder than forcing a matter or relationship. However, it can actually become another form of default, just waiting to let life happen rather than being intentionally provoked. The original root word for organic comes from the greek organikos which means serving as instruments or engines. Organs in our bodies also find their roots in this word. An organ, in the body (of Christ) has a very significant purpose. We all know if an organ stops functioning in the way that it is designed to, it's not a good day and the entire body feels it's effects. An instrument unplayed makes no sound, and an engine rusts without movement. I want to be a healthy, fully functional organ in the body, I need to be. We need to be. The body needs us, we need the body. It's Christ's body, that He gave His own flesh for. Our body is not our own.

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