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Diversifying Streams and the Variety of Life.

Something that I have sensed for a little while now, is that the members of the body are stepping into an opportunity to become multi-vocational or having many diverse streams of income. The Lord is bridging different areas in our world, through our lives into a beautiful intersection. New areas where we will see our gift mix expressed in unexpected ways, and engaging new people. The Lord doesn't want His children to have to endlessly struggle or campaign to get by either. Not that there is anything wrong with engaging others in what He is doing through our lives, because it is important to be a channel of supply to others in need and a communicator and connector where the rest of the body has the opportunity to be the loving and generous hands, feet and heart of the Lord to those in need. I do believe however, that the Lord wants us to be an overflowing and abundant resource, and to give us strategies in order to see this happen.

It was last year when I found myself working out how many streams of potential income we had combined the two of us. Currently we have six different kinds of streams, potentially seven but I'm not currently counting it because of where the funds flow to. Each stream differs in frequency and commitment. Some are regular or primary, some occasional, and some long term growth and investment focused. The streams are type diverse. Some business and trade related, some creative, some christian ministry related, some entertainment related, some teaching, some technical and some analytical. Interestingly, many of these diversities also combine together in different mixtures in each stream.

While we are not at all flush... we still rent, have three very hungry teens, live in Auckland where you pretty much need to be born a millionaire these days for basic living requirements, pay the highest tax you possibly can, and run our own business that seems to ask for more than it can give at times. We have also spent much of our lives living generously, somet