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Faithful Remnant, look again where you are!

Insight, prayer strategy, and activation.

This will be a long read, so settle in friends. It's taken me all week to get down what has been in my heart for many months, so bare with. I have been reluctant to share what I'm about to beyond just a few friends, and even then only a short account, mainly because I'm sensitive to the fact we need positive, faith filled messages of life in Jesus to be louder than any fear in this world right now. I don't want to be sharing anything, even with right motives, that the enemy could use to accentuate this fear agenda. And I also don't want to give the enemy of our souls any more attention than what he is already getting.

However, I have been feeling that greater insight to what is happening and an activated response will help bring understanding and empower us to engage with the Lord proactively rather than reactively. If you are really battling fear and anxiety around anything in a major way right now, I pray that peace would right now settle deep and remain unshaken. Maybe don't continue reading until you have that solid peace factor otherwise. Having faced off with fear previously myself, I do understand that even helpful information can still play into fear given the right conditions. Otherwise I pray you would read this and feel 100% empowered in Christ to activate your faith and others around you into a breaker moment, for a breaker era.

I'm sure it is no mystery that there has been a major battle waging over the past few years, but maybe not all have been fully aware at the driving factors behind the battle while we have been focused, and at times distracted as a tactic, by the many arms of the battles. The more we have focused on people as our opposition during these battles, the more it kept us preoccupied from fighting in the spiritual realm we needed be aware of.