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In - Security

Could it be that any place where we may experience insecurity is a place we have not yet experienced what it means to be safe, secure and protected in that space? Often when we think of insecurity, we think of ourselves or others who may not be comfortable in our own skin, comparing ourselves to others or afraid to be who we are, afraid to take risks, or over compensate to make up for areas we feel lack. I would say it's a basic human need to know true safety, security and protection. God placed us in the context of family with this very intent, that this most vulnerable and dependant would ideally grow in an environment of safety and protection. I'm not taking about bubble wrapping, cotton balling, helicopter, avoidance security that is really fear in disguise. But rather the kind of security that causes contagious courage and the fullness of self uninhibited to be revealed.

Our Father Himself is protector, refuge, fortress, strong tower, defender, rear guard... we can find shelter in the shelter of His wings... Holy Spirit our counsellor and comforter. Our primary position of security is in the relationship with our Lord. We know this, we grow in this and therefore live this out better as we go. However, we as members, leaders in the body, do not always do the best job at creating spaces of safety, security, and protection for the more vulnerable and dependant on us. Again I'm not talking about pandering to needs and whims, but an environment where there can be healthy risk taking and personal growth. This has become my 'one thing' when it comes to leadership and team development, likely because it is the thing we probably right now need more of, and I seem to have the same conversation from different folks coming up over and over. Their wrestle being something akin to this, "I have been told I have permission to step out, but I don't know if that is really the case (mainly from experience) and I am scared that if I take a risk and fall on my face, not only will I look stupid but it will get in me trouble". If you don't understand, you will read this as the individual just has to overcome their personal fears. Yes fears are involved, but why? Risk is just that, risky. There are no guarantees when it comes to risk of a perfect outcome, it can't be a risk otherwise. Some risks may be ones we take on our own, but when we are part of the development and leadership of other people, we need to create relational environments that cultivate the risk and growth we hope to draw out of people. We can be good at spotting potential for greatness and talent, but drawing out the fullness of it to flourish in confidence can be another matter.

People need opportunities to grow in - security environments. As they grow and experience this, then when in situations where they are less secure or more exposed, they would have already had the training ground experience to feel secure enough to stand their own, probably still a little shook by the fact, but able. Recalling on their personal history of growth in risk to pep talk them into "you got this...even if you got this".

So what are the elements needed to provide a security dynamic within our teams?

As leaders we can't just say to people you have the permission to step out, to take risks. Most people, because they have voiced as much to me, want to believe this is true but the conviction of it's truth just isn't there for them. I'm sure that those who have said it completely meant it as well. So what's the gap? For starters, we are a generation that has grown up in a culture that has enforced the need for permission when trying anything new, risky or a little different. I