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Make Room For More

6th June 2022 The Lord to His bride...

"Oh I have so much more, so much more you haven't yet anticipated. You are expanding like a woman pregnant, stretching beyond regular bounds, the expansion pressing back against internal and external limitations making room for life to form and grow.

You are feeling the confines of the boundaries of old systems now hemming in about you that once gave security, now you see with fresh eyes I am doing away with for My church to be set free from religion she didn't know she had modernised from worldly functions. Structures set up to provide security that I have and am exposing as insufficient. Structures that lacked meaningful effectiveness. The shock that will apprehend you as you didn't expect My dismantling work to touch these things.

Ahead of the game some of you have followed with ease and joy in the new so far, but this next dismantling will floor you unexpectedly by surprise and it will be more deeply felt. It will challenge your systems of trust and invite you instead into reliance of relationships of trust. It will challenge you dependance on approval structures so that your security is only in My approval of you. Don't pull back growth just to preserve structures I'm already pulling away at like sand through My fingers these castles crumble and I will build out of the beauty of the smallest grains with these same hands.

Become like sand in My hands, pliable to be formed as I the Potter would have you be. And become like grain I can sow into good soil. Though your growth may be hidden from sight for a short time, it won't be long before new life will begin to break forth from the earth like an announcement of praise open to receive."