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Make The Shifts to Switch Gears

Relational Shifts:

One morning the other week the Lord brought me back to a word I'd already shared around here. But He was highlighting it again, then confirmed it through speaking the word via other prophets just following, to emphasise the need for some to address this still. There is also a correlating relational shift some may be needing to make as well right now.

The returning word is that of remaining out of loyalty to where or whom you are when the Lord is calling you on and out. This is particularly hard for those of us who know what it is to value longevity and loyalty. But if the very virtue of loyalty is elevating itself above the leading of the Lord, it's no longer the Lord leading you. Instead it's become fear, or false responsibility, or comfort of the familiar, or control. Where might this apply? In employment, in family responsibilities, in ministry, in friendship obligations, in commitments you have made in service, time, or finances that have run their course. Maybe even in regards to the home or area in which you live. Or maybe even as simply as cancelling the gym membership you barely use but hope you might, though know you won't.

I am reminded of Elijah at the brook of Cherith (1 Kings 17). The word of the Lord sent him there and he was provided for, but eventually the brook dried up. Elijah needed to hear the new word of the Lord, otherwise he would have stayed at the brook beyond what he was faithful to do so and dried up with it. Outstaying the word of the Lord will cause spiritual dehydration. Ask the Lord, what areas of my life have fulfilled their portion that I now need to move forwards in faith from?

The second relational shift connected to this I saw, was needing to reevaluate investment of relationships for some. Some have in this past season given high levels of focused relational investment into particular relationships. Something to be admired. Yet the Lord has seen where these relationships have become unevenly yoked creating an unhealthiness of relationship. The Lord specifically said that you have put too many eggs in one basket, and now it is time to adjust the balance. (Ha! I only just realised the puns in all the egg terminology). This wasn't about ending relationships, but it was about pulling back from high levels of investment in one particular dynamic of r