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Repairing, Restoring, Rebuilding

September 6th, 2022 (date word was received)

I believe the Lord is saying, we are living in the season for Isaiah 58, 60 and 61. This is the time for the Elijah ministry of RESTORATION. I believe that the Body of Christ needs to arise from her slumber and walk in unity in order to bring restoration, healing, and rebuilding which is needed desperately now more than ever.

We are on the cusp of a GREAT OUTPOURING and what will lead us to that outpouring is a great uniting amongst believers.

Let us come and lay down what we believe is “OUR calling” but look to God to direct us to those of whom He has placed the same call, the same vision, the same heart longings. Let us join with our brothers and sisters in community to birth and build that which He is speaking forth!

In Isaiah 58 God is calling for His children to repent and turn from their sin, their apathy towards him and truly seek Him with their whole hearts. He doesn’t just want a performance-based Body, He wants wholehearted devoted lovers who MUST have Him at all costs! May we be LAID down to HIS will above our own and seek to follow Him even if it’s into unexpected places, are we willing to just GO when HE says GO???

Read through Isaiah 58 (I’d encourage The Passion Translation) and look at all that He promises His beloved when we truly desire to seek Him first and to serve His heart yearnings above all else. We WILL be blessed AND on top of that He promises to guide our every step as to W