Revisiting two prophetic words...

These two words I shared on the 28th of September 2018. This was pre many forerunners heading into a season of many tensions and challenges where the Lord used those things that looked to crush them instead to develop and increase them. I'm sharing them again now as for some they may help bring current clarity as well.

Phase of Change for the ‘Icebergs’…

The the impact from the weightiness carried by the ‘Icebergs’ amongst us is about to be felt.

These ‘Icebergs’ are those who have a great hidden depth of weightiness upon their lives. They are those who have cultivated much in hidden places with the Lord most know little of. Many only see the tip of their iceberg, that is the 10% on the surface, while the other 90%, the greater mass that lies beneath, that only those who are deep dwellers know to look for it, is what gives weight to their 10% which is why their presence is felt more like that of gentle giants, yet totally unassuming in statue. Don’t believe for moment these ones are cold and isolated. No, they have been calved out, heavens purity not made of the same stuff as their surroundings, and their silent and consistent presence profound. There is a revealing coming to these ‘Icebergs’. There has always been a multiplication on the 10% greater than what has been visible in the natural, it’s undeniable. Yet the fullness of the 90% is about to be revealed and released. What has laid unseen to the naked eye is about to be felt in ‘a great melting’ in their phase of change, moving upon the landscape all around them and impacting everything they touch with the weightiness of God that they have known. A weightiness that invites others to melt deep into the heart of God. The ‘Icebergs’ are about to experience new expressions of the power and glory of God released through them.

It’s the Season of the Second Birthing...

Many are going or are already aware that they are going to be birthing again in this season. You probably didn’t think this was going to be the case, but there is an increasing knowing within and without that new life is brewing, growing. You are moving from transition to new brith. I felt in particular this was for those who have birthed this time last year, 2years ago, 3years ago, 5years ago, 7years ago or 11years ago - other than 1, the first five of the prime numbers, why?, because they represent the first of importance. This first birthing was important and foundational, it needed to come first in the birth order. You could be fooled in thinking that the second is a twin of the first because they look so similar, but they are not the same, rather more like siblings to each other. The first foundational and ground breaking, the second another chapter, part two in an ongoing story - yet uniquely individual while still part of the whole, part of the former - the first. Like in a dream where scenes merge together hard to distinguish where one dream ended and the other began. The first or former isn’t cast off as any lesser of value, yet the second will carry greater glory than the former upon it because it sits on the shoulders of the former. There will be a greater fullness upon it that the former did not see. The strength of the birthing won’t be in the push, but in the posturing - selah. Right now in the process there is the coordinating of complex processes for growth, systems to maintain life, the ability to reproduce life, functional defences to the things that try to invade the body, behaviour development and ability to respond, interpret and process this sensory life. Rest in these tensions of growth, postured as carriers of presence.

“The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former”

Haggai 2:9

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