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Rise Of The Modern Zealots

Quite shockingly, and recently, the Lord spoke this sobering warning word to me for the body of Christ. One of the likes I've not had Him share with me before.

Tell my people to be aware of a modern zealot movement rising, and to have discernment and wisdom to NOT partner with it as some are already unaware they are. They will act in the belief they are zealous for the Lord, but will be deceived by a political spirit. Pray that they would have eyes to see where they have partnered with this spirit, break away and return their hearts fully to Me. My people will innocently get caught up in this, if they do not discern it, out of their misplaced zeal that will become distorted and ultimately demonic. Many who never thought this possible will find themselves led astray, and are already on the path. And they will call it righteousness in My name that I have not. There is a currently unconscious expectation that will eventually be revealed, that I will endorse a war against my own flesh and blood, My body, and the world. I will not. Destruction will be of your own folly and deception, at your own hands. And it will leave My people displaced.

Now, I knew there were zealots during Jesus time and the rise of Christianity, but I really knew hardly anything about them so I needed to go and research as I sought the Lord more on this. Let me give you a brief account for context.

Around 300-175BC before Jesus came on the scene was the rise of the Hasidim or Hasideans (meaning "pious ones") who were an ancient Jewish sect. They were deeply religious and fought against the Seleucid Greeks and their pagan and oppressive ways for their rights to worship. They were against the Hellenistic influence over their people, that is the influence of Greek custom, thought or culture. Fast forward to AD6 and we begin to now see a new Jewish sect arise in their likeness against Roman rule and oppression. These were the Zealots. The Zealots held devotedly to their beliefs that the and their land belonged to God alone, they honoured, gave and served God alone. No way were they going to honour, be a servant to, told what to do or pay taxes to a Roman governance. And they were just as opposed to any Jews who did just that. They believed violent resistance was a God ordained responsibility and with that God was one hundred percent on their side so they could not fail but would ultimately be victorious. Their expectation was that the coming Messiah would be a mighty military leader that would deliver them. Until then they would fight for their right to freedoms.