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Springs of Living Water

Isaiah 41:17-20

In a vision God lifted me high above and I looked out over the land of Aotearoa. As I looked I saw wellsprings start to form and open up all across the land. I saw the most beautiful crystal clean, pure, sparkling water begin to bubble up in the springs. It was gentle and peaceful. It bubbled up and then slowly started to overflow the spring and seep out and across the land. The springs kept bubbling and soon the whole land was covered with beautiful clean pure water that just kept getting deeper and deeper. It felt so beautiful and peaceful and pure.

The Lord is saying, I am releasing my living water. It is bubbling forth. You, My people, are my wellsprings. I am raising you up. You will emerge and become visible where you have been hidden and underground.

My pure living water, which is my Spirit, will flow through you. Untainted and uncontaminated, flowing through a people who have been sanctified, cleansed, renewed, and set apart.

Allow Me to lift off and remove all your limitations and hindrances, so you may bubble forth and flow continuously. You don't need to strive, this comes easy when you are one with Me, the source.