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Statues Of Limitations Released

Updated: May 19, 2021

If you are aware of the concept of the statue of limitations, you will understand there is a legal time period where action is taken within or shall be taken or cancelled thereafter. I believe we are in a time right now where God is cancelling out our limitations, and in the very year where we have be physically limited in the natural with our movements. Are you limited emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, spiritually, mentally? Then I believe God wants to and has been working with you already to remove those limits. Many in the ways I will mention. There has been a particular shift in the atmosphere the last month that has caused agitation of dramas and weariness. It's agenda was to shift our eyes off of the celebration of Jesus, the very person of peace and joy. Can I encourage us all to celebrate as genuinely and enthusiastically as we can. I can really feel the call of the Spirit to wild celebration. It will break through everything else in the atmosphere as we do. Our church sang Kool & the gang's Celebration song the other week, and I found myself wrapped up in the spirit of celebration just wanting to dance like I didn't care. That is what He wants right now from us. "Celebrate good times come on" seems ironic when everyone wants to be done with 2020 already, what has there been to celebrate? Yes it has been hard, but there has also been so much good, and Jesus is always worthy of celebration, even more so should we celebrate in hardship so that all may know, and ourselves be reminded of the majesty of God. I have also felt the warning of the Lord for all those with the mindset that can't wait for 2020 to be over so we can just move on from this year. We cannot just move on. Firstly we need to take stock in what we have gleaned, secondly if we think we just can hit a new year in a few weeks and everything will be sorted we will be disappointed. I don't want to dampen hopes, but rather brace you up so that crisis and change fatigue doesn't smack you down. This year has felt dark to many, and yes there has been a dark battle, but in a way I have seen it more like the flicking of a switch and all the lights came on exposing everything the enemy was doing all at once. We don't move forward by flicking the switch and fumbling around in the dark again. We trim our lamps and live in the light.

But I digress. Let me first expand on two words I have shared in brief recently if you have read them, then an important and exciting one on cancelling debts, yes I said exciting. Then finally, a brief word for New Zealand.

Confident Expectation Of The Lord<