Statues Of Limitations Released

Updated: May 19, 2021

If you are aware of the concept of the statue of limitations, you will understand there is a legal time period where action is taken within or shall be taken or cancelled thereafter. I believe we are in a time right now where God is cancelling out our limitations, and in the very year where we have be physically limited in the natural with our movements. Are you limited emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, spiritually, mentally? Then I believe God wants to and has been working with you already to remove those limits. Many in the ways I will mention. There has been a particular shift in the atmosphere the last month that has caused agitation of dramas and weariness. It's agenda was to shift our eyes off of the celebration of Jesus, the very person of peace and joy. Can I encourage us all to celebrate as genuinely and enthusiastically as we can. I can really feel the call of the Spirit to wild celebration. It will break through everything else in the atmosphere as we do. Our church sang Kool & the gang's Celebration song the other week, and I found myself wrapped up in the spirit of celebration just wanting to dance like I didn't care. That is what He wants right now from us. "Celebrate good times come on" seems ironic when everyone wants to be done with 2020 already, what has there been to celebrate? Yes it has been hard, but there has also been so much good, and Jesus is always worthy of celebration, even more so should we celebrate in hardship so that all may know, and ourselves be reminded of the majesty of God. I have also felt the warning of the Lord for all those with the mindset that can't wait for 2020 to be over so we can just move on from this year. We cannot just move on. Firstly we need to take stock in what we have gleaned, secondly if we think we just can hit a new year in a few weeks and everything will be sorted we will be disappointed. I don't want to dampen hopes, but rather brace you up so that crisis and change fatigue doesn't smack you down. This year has felt dark to many, and yes there has been a dark battle, but in a way I have seen it more like the flicking of a switch and all the lights came on exposing everything the enemy was doing all at once. We don't move forward by flicking the switch and fumbling around in the dark again. We trim our lamps and live in the light.

But I digress. Let me first expand on two words I have shared in brief recently if you have read them, then an important and exciting one on cancelling debts, yes I said exciting. Then finally, a brief word for New Zealand.

Confident Expectation Of The Lord

The Lord is asking you to deal with your lack of expectation in order to fully step into the new. There is need to address the past seasons you have hoped and expected the Lord to come through and were disappointed by the outcome, unfulfilled promises, and absence of fruit. These past disappointments are dictating current expectations of the faithfulness of the Lord to come through. False wisdom is shrinking your expectations in self protection, which actually is reducing belief in who God says He is to, in and through you. Lack of expectation dares not trust fully in His nature and character towards you, but is happy to believe for others. The fear of disappointment and unmet expectations clouds your clarity with self doubt in your ability to be heard, to hear, and to be led by God like a double headed llama pulled in two directions (like the imagery of the pushmy-pullmy in Dr Doolittle). There is need to break partnerships with lack of expectation, doubt, fear of unfulfilled promises, double mindedness, and false wisdom.

Proverbs 20:22

"Surely there is a future and a reward, and your hope and expectation will not be cut off."

Jeremiah 17:7

"Blessed with spiritual security is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord."

I have seen Holy Spirit highlight the need to 'dare to trust' and to take risks with Him so many times since I shared this word. It may not seem like the circumstances globally are ideal for taking risks with God, but I'd actually suggest the opposite is true. The world needs us to be fully trusting of the Lord, hopeful and expectant, and then engage in some holy risky business with Him that will overflow to others. Please don't use this as licence for stupidity! The risk I am talking about will look more like surrendering our hearts, minds and flesh to Him in areas that have become jaded to trusting. And for those feeling tender, grieving and sore, your risking may look like doing things differently to how you have in previous years while the Father continues to comfort you. The risks we take are mostly fought on the battlefield of our inner worlds, what others see are the results outworking from those wins. You may have thought no fruit was produced in the past trusting, but just because the fruit didn't look like you thought it would didn't mean it wasn't there. God is more concerned with the making of the man or woman than He is with us just getting what we want. As parents some of us, we should understand this.

Holy Spirit spoke this powerful word... To those who have repetitively, for years, surrendered the same dreams and hopes on the altar before me, who have picked them up in faith only to lay them down again. Over and over. Who chose obedience, sacrifice and first love over getting what you hoped. You who chose to believe Me in the face of doubt anew each time, yet still not seeing the promised fulfilled. To you be filled with joy! Have you not considered the greatness I have been developing within you this entire time. Have you not considered just how much I have chosen you for this level of trust, to be tested so, to see you worthy of a greater reward than what you desired? Have you not considered how much I joy over us each time you trusted Me and expected as a Father of Me more than what you wanted? In this you will never be put to shame. Can you say "as many times as you require of me Lord, I will lay it all before you, because I will not let anything have my heart more than you do". Do not let the promises become your idol, and at the same time do not let your disappointment sour your trust that I will come through for you. To those who have waited out the many years, get ready, for you will see that which you have waited for, yet trust Me still for it will only serve to lead you into greater mysteries of daring and risk that will place your heart on the altar again and again.

The imagery of the pushmy-pullmy is that of one head that does the talking, the other head does the eating. We can talk our way out of faith and trust and hope. We can also be so preoccupied with eating the

proverbial grass right in front of us that we forget to look up and wonder how we managed to stray so far. Rather we need to be particularly aware of what we are consuming right now, what does our diet consist of? What have our eyes fixed themselves on that they have taken our sights off where we should be focused and directed? We need to talk what we eat. If we eat trash we are gonna talk trash. If we are consuming more doubt, confusion and opinions than what we are consuming of His word and voice, we are going to talk ourselves off track as well. If our mouths are confessing contrary to truth we are consuming we will feel so inwardly torn and divided against ourselves that we can more in no direction and stall. We become immobilised. Trauma, confusion and fear tries its best to immobilise our faith and motion. Where we are still overcoming in these areas, just keep taking even the smallest steps forward. Keep your heart choosing to move towards His, and your eyes locked with Jesus. Then eventually we will look and see just how far we have come with each little step.

New Era Of Calling

February 2021 will be the launch of a brand new era personally not just corporately for many. Especially for those who have spent the past 7 years in a transitioning season. This 8th year is your new beginning. Preparation is already in motion in and through you manifesting in the natural the fruit of the hidden seeds that you have been cultivating with the Lord inside you through transition season. Much until now has been precious and necessary and wonderful, yet is only really the foundational beginnings of what is yet to come. You think it can't get better than what you have had, that you have used up all your brownie points with the Lord? Well you haven't seen anything yet, because it'a about His grace towards you more than what you think you deserve. Partner with God in positioning yourself for your new beginnings, both internally and in the natural. Many of you have already seen by the Spirit and will see, the invitation of the blank page. Its a new chapter in your book of life, a fresh clean page. A chance to heal from the previous chapters and be cleansed, and then to co-create with God in shared story. His story is our story, and our story is His story. Emmanuel, God with us, Jesus son of man and son of God. This chapter with it's new beginning is not seperate from the chapters before, nor will it be seperate from the chapters following, nor from each others stories. Position to new purposes as your purpose is defined. Many who have never fully understood their calling but only their gifting, are suddenly going to discover their true calling or their calling for this new era. It will come as a surprise of sorts, and a healthy challenge. We as the body have not well understood callings, and have instead tried to fit ourselves and others into what we think is the calling. Oh how we have limited ourselves and others, and missed the fullness of identity. The call is beyond the gifts, it's part of our very design, and trying to function in another's call rather than our own opens up issues internally and externally.

I heard the Spirit nudge the words to 'Waiting on the world to change' by John Mayer. When I read them I was amazed at how much it summed up how society generally has been feeling this year. I will include the words at the bottom of this page in the comments for you. It is a sad state of powerlessness and immobilisation. Many have felt misunderstood, maybe it's because you hadn't yet understood fully your own calling, but also because it doesn't fit a prescribed model it has also been misunderstood. We as the Church cannot sit on our hands waiting for the world to change. We just need to be who we are called to be in this world. While the world rages at the systems and symptoms, we should be bringing healing the soil and the roots.

  • Fertiliser helps things grow. Poop can have it's benefits. My point? Sometimes the poopy conditions might actually be providing the environment we need for growth, even though it totally stinks.

  • Church ... it is not your job to put individuals where you think they should be, or to control the current climate. It is not about any job, title or position to be the 'salvation' of nations. It is God's calling on a life that will position people exactly where they are called to be, not spiritual or religious or political manipulation.

  • Ask Holy Spirit, do I actually know what my calling is? Am I doing anything right now that you don't want me to be doing and is there something I should be doing that aligns more with who You have made me to be? Have I exchanged my calling for a role, job, or position? Has platform, need for acknowledgement, fear of man, or fear of not fitting in actually falsely defined my calling? Have I shrunk my calling to make it fit my own understanding? What risks are you asking me to take with my calling?

  • Some of us who are fiercely loyal folks, an admirable trait and one we need more of, may actually be asked of the Lord to make sure you are not placing loyalty over obedience to where He is wanting to lead you. Our loyalty can at times keep us out of the will of God if we are not submitting it. Please weigh this in wisdom, again it's no licence for stupidity. But if you know the Lord is leading into a changing era of your life and yet your need to remain loyal to a job, people, a nation, community etc in fear of letting go, disappointing others expectations, fear of missing out or even because you think they can't go on without you, then question it. In fact if you think you are indispensable, then you could in fact be limiting the growth of others around you. On the contrary, if you have a tendency in past seasons as a wondering gypsy, don't be surprised if the Lord is actually leading you into a place of remaining and longevity and loyalty to places and people.

  • If you have not allowed your proverbial cage to be rattled to the point of crying out to the Lord "I have done everything I have known to do Lord, get me out of this!" or something of the likes, in the past year or two, then why not? The cage rattling has been a necessary part, our inner and outer worlds being shaken to see what will budge, what will emerge, what will let go. Survival by avoiding cage rattling won't produce freedom. We are suppose to allow it to see what He wants to show us. And what He wants to show us is an understanding to our authority in Him, the keys He has given us to use and how to use them to be free to be called. Not all trouble we are to run from, sometimes it is the very making of who we are becoming.

  • We need to stop fighting with carnal weapons. We spent so much of the past 20years learning how to use spiritual weaponry, and then suddenly 2021 it's as if we doubted the power of the resurrected Christ and took matters into our own hands. Demonising people in the process. If you heard me say this before, I will still say it again: Christian if you have let your tongue loose with cursing others this year you have likely mobilised more demons than the ones you are cursing. Why? Because you KNOW the authority in which you are called under, and yet in those moments, those words, you are choosing give your authority to another! This morning Holy Spirit even said that there are those who are experiencing unfair judgement against themselves currently, and that He is allowing it so that they may eat their own fruit and taste its bitterness, and purge their mouths in repentance and soften their hearts again.

  • One last word on calling, it will require genuine, gritty connection. While the world has been largely limited to zoom calls and the likes, we can surely say it has been a blessing to have that option. But the Lord highlighted something to me a few months ago, to be aware that while relating over distance is good, it can also be a good disguise. There are elements of self that even when we think we are being open with others, they actually don't get to experience. Then when you actually spend time in person and those things can no longer be tucked away, there will be the rub where it will be tested. If you cannot handle it being tested you will not last relationally. Same can be said even in person where our activity can be used to shield parts of ourselves so as to avoid the rub. Iron sharpens iron. If you are avoiding the prickly parts you will become dull. Commit to genuine, gritty connection. Not just for the sake of it or because you like to rub folks the wrong way, but because you really want to know others and be fully known by others. Not everyone will be travelling in the same direction as you are going in this chapter, some are not suppose to intentionally. Some if you evaluate the relationship honestly will see it's more of a pseudo relationship where you mainly only know them as pixels or text. Either do something about that, or realise you may know stuff about them but don't actually know or spend time with them and move on. I think this is key in a social media world, especially in encouraging healthy communication with the relationships our kids have. Social tells us the more connections we have the more known we are, but truthfully if we have just a few where we are fully known that is true riches.

A Year Of Cancelling Debts, Leave No Debt Outstanding.

This one really surprised me! It's not something I was expecting to hear let alone get excited about. But, this particularly I feel so much weight and emphasis of the Lord on for right now. We have been married 18years and still haven't owned our own home. This year we both felt the soon of the Spirit on finally seeing that dream realised. Amazingly in a very short space of time the Lord accelerated our finances enough for a deposit! However circumstances as they are out there we were not looked favourably on for a mortgage even though there has been no better time for us financially to facilitate one. My first response was to keep pressing through for the promise, but then as I slept on it I woke with a different excitement in my spirit. I remembered listening to a prophetic word earlier in the year from Glasgow Prophetic Alliance about being really aware of debt over the next 5years. Originally we had planned to buy a home and then quickly after pay off our business taxes and cover loans as there wasn't a rush to have to do so straight away. But the Lord had other plans and assured us to address all our debts before buying a home using our deposit money, and that He would make sure we still got a home though not quite as soon as we had imagined. While not as exciting or rewarding as a home, the importance the Lord is emphasising that having no debt going into 2021 has become compelling. Not just for us, but this is for many others as well. The Spirit highlighted it so much as soon as we committed to it. Followed by a greater promise and purpose.

Romans 13:7-8

"Give to everyone what you owe them: if you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honour, then honour. Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law."

Deuteronomy 15:1-8

The year for cancelling debts

"At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: every creditor shall cancel any loan they have made to a fellow Israelite. They shall not require payment from anyone among their own people, because the Lord’s time for cancelling debts has been proclaimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your fellow Israelite owes you. However, there need be no poor people among you, for in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you, if only you fully obey the Lord your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today. For the Lord your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you. If anyone is poor among your fellow Israelites in any of the towns of the land that the Lord your God is giving you, do not be hard-hearted or tight-fisted towards them. Rather, be open-handed and freely lend them whatever they need."

Did you notice in Deuteronomy 15:1 the mention of seven years? Did you connect that to the aforementioned word on completion of the seven year transition season? Seven biblically signifies completion. The Lord doesn't want us to be under any unnecessary constraints going into this new wine, new time. He is clearing our debts, not just financially, but clearing debt of sins we have made for fresh, free starts. We need to attend to our outstanding debts, both financial and otherwise. Are there debts we owe to others we need to clear? Are there debts others have incurred against us we need to forgive to give them a clean slate, then now is the time. Not only will we be free of constraints but it's His desire that the Church will lenders to the nations. Money speaks loudly to the world, and the world is in economic pains. But it's not the intention that the Church should be lacking, but rather thriving. Speaking with Her generosity. Rebuilding with Her resources in the image of Christ.

The Church by the way needs to stop trying to build like the world who creates in ones own self image. It's a selfie world, we want the world to look like us so that we feel like we belong in it. This is where inclusion can go amiss. We are not suppose to create in our own image but the image of Christ, Christ in us. If we only create in the image of self for the sake of being able to find inclusion for ourselves and others, the pendulum will eventually swing to the other end of the scale where we again look the same as one another, or we become so independent that we have no acknowledged need of one another but in deep loneliness. We are only fully seen individually and together in the image of Christ, and we see fully when we look with His eyes.

So if the Lord is prompting you to address an area of debt right now, get excited, follow His lead, attend to that first even if there isn't a demand to because there will be a reason, even if the reason is simply trust, but I am certain there is more to it, and is imperative to right now. If you have financial debt you want cleared but not the resources to do so, pray and ask the Lord for the ability to clear your debts. There should be no condemnation for your debt, only conviction where and if He is addressing it. If He needs you to clear debt, He will help you to do it if you will prioritise it. Ask for the order of which debts to address, and it may require some sacrifices to part ways with things you can use as resources to pay debt down. Getting out of debt isn't just so you can get into new debt either, just be aware and follow the Lord when making those decisions.

Word For New Zealand

Oh NZ, I think you are the envy of much of the world right now. How blessed we are to be able to holiday, spend Christmas with family, and to hug! I was reflecting on the Christmas productions in many of our cities churches, a privilege many other cities and nations are missing this year, when the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that while these productions were good, I even watch Jesus dancing wildly by the Spirit at ours, they were not really truely us. I suddenly saw that while the diversity of people was represented in individuals, the productions mostly mirrored how America celebrates. Again nothing wrong with that, I love Christmas and everything kitsch and cute about it. Snow is one of my love languages between the Father and I, so I am not one to ever bag on excessive Christmas anything. But what the Lord was showing me was actually our lack of unique national identity in celebrating Him this Christmas within the church setting. We do it more personally within family, but for some reason feel as though we need to imitate America publicly. Why are we concealing our cultures that make up our nation instead of glorifying God through them? The Lord said New Zealand this is your time. Stop imitating America, I never called you to be her I called you to be you. You are going to find out who you really are, discover fullness of identity in this era more than you have previously, but not if you think you will find it by concealing parts of yourself and taking up the garments of other nations. Nations and cultures need to defer to one another, rather than mimic. Because you are a nation that can celebrate and defer to one another, I will use you to teach the nations security of identity and how to be loved. Yes you have room to grow, but grow you will. I have called you as a prophetically pioneering nation, to go before as innovators and adventurers only the brave and humble go. Your gift of hospitality invites nations into the family of Christ where they get to be fully who He intended them to be. You are finding your voice, but it will be a song made of many melodies rather than shouts of protest. Let yours songs of deliverance be heard, let your songs of celebration be heard. You have been set apart for this very moment, don't waste your time squabbling like children over the dinner table for the best food, I have more than enough for you all and all the best pieces. Instead, come into your newly matured years, become the wine you are known for. Will you partner with the very thing you have prayed for?

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn." Isaiah 60:1-3

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