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The Breath & Decision Fatigue

I've mentioned the significance of the breath and the voice in previous posts before, so risk sounding like a broken record but I stay with what the Lord is revealing until it has shifted. We are still continuing to see correlations in the natural occur that also point to the spiritual dynamics at play. Let's recap on the indicators in the natural I've perceived over the past two years occurring and also building in number of people effected:

  • Intimidation and discouragement in different forms to silence the voices and expressions of Godly creativity, prophetic, prayer and worship. Includes confusion, ongoing fogginess to be able to create, unmotivated, or depressed.

  • Anxiety & panic where it is felt both physically and/or spiritually constricting on the lungs, ability to breathe with ease. Includes those with mental or emotional distress. Also high levels of fear.

  • Californian and Aussie fires effecting the atmosphere, thus the breath.

  • Individual lung illnesses, or illnesses that have impact upon lung function. (Could even include the rise in vaping, especially in young, in this if so choose to).

  • Global respiratory pandemic of Covid-19.

  • George Floyd death marked by his cry "I can't breathe", sparking global cry against racism.

  • Censoring and freedom of speech via social media dynamics and debates.

These have just been some of the most obvious areas we have had to contend with over this time. Not just the body of Christ but the world. Christian's, we need to remember that the enemy doesn't just want to interfere destructively in the lives of those who follow Christ, but in all lives, as all have originated in the image and design of God. Not even a servant of satan does he consider his friend.