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The Great Pivot: the Hinge of History.

I don't know about you, but numerous times a day I hear and see the word 'pivot' highlighted in headlines and news feeds. Businesses are pivoting, hospitality is pivoting, schools are pivoting, trade services are pivoting, churches are pivoting, entertainment is pivoting, financial and governmental services are pivoting, families are pivoting... every single societal aspect is having to pivot, not one has been left unaffected in some degree where adjustments were necessary. But what exactly does it mean to pivot?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • noun - a fixed point supporting something that turns or balances.

  • noun - the central most important person or thing in a situation.

  • verb - to turn or twist.

  • verb - to change your opinions, statements, decisions etc. so that they are different to what they were before.

  • verb - to change subject, avoid talking about something by talking about something else.

It can also suggest a dependance on a person, thing, situation or decision (being pivotal), and in military terms is the person or position from which troops take their reference point when moving and changing course.