There Is No Pre-mature Exit Plan

Church the Lord is saying to us there is no pre-mature exit plan, there is no circumnavigating My process, there is no personal parachute to abandon the trajectory I have My people on. You cannot hold your breath and remain in survival or avoidance mode until circumstances change to what you regard as more favourable. The Lord is saying you have put down hope anchors in outcomes, your hope has become circumstantial and conditional rather than founded in me. How is hope developed? From hardships, in perseverance and endurance, producing in you character, which then produces hope (Romans 5:3-5). Your response has been to flee or to fight, instead I say allow Me to forge you. Your hope has been in institutions to rescue you, but you do not open your eyes to see that mans reflection of man never will. I Am your Saviour. You hope to be delivered out this world, but have forgotten I Am your deliverer and I have prayed that you would not be taken out of the world, but that you would be not of it (John 17:15-19). This forging I'm allowing to take place is no quick fix, I Am interested in a complete and fully matured work. You need to know this is a much longer, global process than you have ever known. It will offend your desires, your comforts, your emotions, your understandings, your safeguards, your pursuits and your plans. It will expose any foundations where you have built your lives and hopes on sand shores which will be washed away.

You don't hear My prophets who are revealing and preparing you for the long haul. Just as in Jeremiah's day, My people only want to hear flattering words of false hopes that are not founded in Me, and they do not want to hear what I Am really saying. You have known Me as good, now I need you to know Me as also Sovereign Lord, for you have become little lords of your own lives and taken many other lovers, but I will not share covenant with you with any other lovers. My Bride, I am preparing you, daily, eat of your daily bread to sustain you on this long journey. Then there will be a sanctification work in you that will glory of Me. Don't try and look for an escape or a bypass in these days, or you will miss what I Am doing and you will be disappointed. It's necessary to be daily aware to My heart and voice to light your path so that you can keep step with Me in an ever changing landscape that will attempt to avert your gaze from Me. I Am reforming you for a future in keeping with Me, not for your keeping.

To summarise plainly what the Lord is saying is that if you are in a just trying to make it through mindset as if everything circumstantial was just going blow on by momentarily, then you have missed the point and will become disheartened when it tarries. If your mindset is "if only this - insert circumstance- changes then everything will be good again and we can move on" then you will also be disappointed. If your mindset is to run away and hide or "rapture me now Lord" then you have also diverted your gaze from the Lord. The Lord understands how the external challenges are conducive to our necessity of our individual and corporate forging at this time in history. He wants us to understand that as well. Our hopes of change, success, or breakthrough have been hung on so many conditional and circumstantial things, rather in Christ himself. We have desired the work of His hands more than we have desired His heart, and His favour more than His will at work in us. Then we have taken up heart loves that serve those desires in a shared space with Him. How many will we invite into such an intimate place as if sharing our marriage with many lovers? There is too much mixture, and the Lord is purifying us from it.

To help you out a little, if you are thinking "if only we could get a new political leader/party right now then things will be so much better". No, there may be some minor differences but for reasons too long to go into it would not be your saving grace. No institution, not even a school, business or church institution is your saviour or answer. The other week the Lord said to me "pray that institutions would fall under the weight of their own strength that I may build". I have only heard Him say anything quite so challenging a few times in my life. I knew He was speaking of all types of institutions, that is man made structures, made in mans image and thinking. To clarify He was not speaking of people, only structures of institution. The root of the word institution comes from to set up/in place, establish, build, found or bring forth. Our world and lives are full of setting in place and building according to man, on faulty foundations. Over the years the Lord has given me glimpses of how He will address this and we are now entering into that stretch time. And if our dependance or hope is institutionalised reliance rather than founded in Christ alone, then you are in troubled waters no matter where your preferential positions on matters may lie. Ecclesiates 3:3, that there's a time to tear down and a time to build up. Right now is a tearing and throwing down of our crowns that we have enthroned, even generationally, that the Lord may build enthroned on the hearts of His people.

I've been very selective in sharing what I am receiving from the Lord the last two years, mainly because the Lord showed me how for the most part the body of Christ only want to hear that which ultimately makes them feel good and more comfortable, not what is challenging or requiring of them. And I will only speak what the Lord is saying and doing to the best of my understanding, not to win favour or flatter. Jeremiah faced this problem as a prophet in his day as well. Nobody particularly wanted to hear the rebuke of the Lord and His request of them and instead they reprimanded Jeremiah because of it. We so desire a bless me oh Lord type of life, that anything that seemingly looks like it undermines that we refute. But the Lord gave this warning recently, to be careful not to bless that which I am not blessing. Again, not speaking of people here as we are to even bless those who cause us hardship and do not curse them (Romans 12:14), but rather what works are we allocating blessing to that the Lord has no desire to bless and increase?

There is also a word of caution from the Lord for those in ministry going forwards whose sole or primary financial reliance is dependant on your ministry works. He said to be careful not to let your need of provision pressure you or cause you to compromise on His leading. The Lord says you have nothing to prove to those who give freely, and where there is questions around stewardship it's ok to dialogue or let go. But don't ever feel that there is a need to comprise with where and how I Am leading you in it where it looks completely different or in the natural like less not more because of others particular expectations or understanding. Don't allow provision pressures to become a noose or manipulator for you, whether only internally concerning yourself about it, or from external pressure. Have good accountability, just don't default into the old common ways to people please and to retain provision.

There are three, let's call them pivot points, that I have seen the Lord highlight for the body. These pivot points are like alarm bells calling attention and invitation to undergo transformation and reformation, internally and externally in dramatic ways, with a nudge from intensifying conditions. An invitation last year, this year, and then next year. It's the grace of the Lord drawing our attention to and giving us the time to respond to Him. There are those who respond quickly, those who respond quickly but partially and will repeat the process, and those who will take a little longer. Then there will be those who choose not to respond in surrender at all in this time. Don't be those people, it will be a rude awakening. While surrender looks costly now, it's reward is eternal. I've spoken before about 10year terms, and I believe there is lengthy challenging years still ahead that will be navigated well and you will be prepared well for depending on our honest yielding to Christ. None is exempt from this deep and powerful process, but the oil and the fruit will come forth from the yielded. It's notable to mention that many of us would not realise that our eschatology (end times understanding) is probably derived from the fictional book The late great planet earth. This book wasn't prophesy, but biblically inspired fiction, though the author changes the 'predicted' dates and events every few years as if it were prophesy. Even if you have never read it, many of earlier generations of Christians have and it has shaped what we believe. So when faced with challenges there is this default back to the beliefs of that book and its' world end interpretations. As a teen I read one page and a spirit of fear came upon me that the Lord had to release me from. It's this fear that makes us want to escape and avoid life challenges. But we are not slaves to fear. In our own strength there is no need of dependance on a life filled and overflowing with the Holy Spirit. We must acknowledge our greater need of Him.

I was being woken up between 3am and 4am recently for a few weeks. It took me awhile to figure out exactly why, and wasn't until I noted a few other prophets had been waking up at that time as well. 3am-4am is part of the fourth prayer watch hours. A time to praying transformative prayers, God's will into the earth. But I discovered that as I was, not particularly by choice, fasting sleep it was also symbolic to the call for the awakening of the bride, preparing of the alertness in the heart of His church to His call. If your heart is stirred to see the church awakened fully, maybe consider fast sleep for a time of prayer sometime between the hours of 3am-6am.

We need to be awoken church, fully aware to the Spirit of the Lord in this time. We cannot wish away the very circumstances the Lord is permitting to forge us by. Some would rather die on their personal mountains than yield their lives fully to the Lord right now and die to self. We all need to understand for ourselves what that looks like personally, but I can tell you it will be uncomfortable and it will be a costly aroma of worship, but oh how beautiful a bride that looks like her Lord.

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