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There Is No Pre-mature Exit Plan

Church the Lord is saying to us there is no pre-mature exit plan, there is no circumnavigating My process, there is no personal parachute to abandon the trajectory I have My people on. You cannot hold your breath and remain in survival or avoidance mode until circumstances change to what you regard as more favourable. The Lord is saying you have put down hope anchors in outcomes, your hope has become circumstantial and conditional rather than founded in me. How is hope developed? From hardships, in perseverance and endurance, producing in you character, which then produces hope (Romans 5:3-5). Your response has been to flee or to fight, instead I say allow Me to forge you. Your hope has been in institutions to rescue you, but you do not open your eyes to see that mans reflection of man never will. I Am your Saviour. You hope to be delivered out this world, but have forgotten I Am your deliverer and I have prayed that you would not be taken out of the world, but that you would be not of it (John 17:15-19). This forging I'm allowing to take place is no quick fix, I Am interested in a complete and fully matured work. You need to know this is a much longer, global process than you have ever known. It will offend your desires, your comforts, your emotions, your understandings, your safeguards, your pursuits and your plans. It will expose any foundations where you have built your lives and hopes on sand shores which will be washed away.

You don't hear My prophets who are revealing and preparing you for the long haul. Just as in Jeremiah's day, My people only want to hear flattering words of false hopes that are not founded in Me, and they do not want to hear what I Am really saying. You have known Me as good, now I need you to know Me as also Sovereign Lord, for you have become little lords of your own lives and taken many other lovers, but I will not share covenant with you with any other lovers. My Bride, I am preparing you, daily, eat of your daily bread to sustain you on this long journey. Then there will be a sanctification work in you that will glory of Me. Don't try and look for an escape or a bypass in these days, or you will miss what I Am doing and you will be disappointed. It's necessary to be daily aware to My heart and voice to light your path so that you can keep step with Me in an ever changing landscape that will attempt to avert your gaze from Me. I Am reforming you for a future in keeping with Me, not for your keeping.

To summarise plainly what the Lord is saying is that if you are in a just trying to make it through mindset as if everything circumstantial was just going blow on by momentarily, then you have missed the point and will become disheartened when it tarries. If your mindset is "if only this - insert circumstance- changes then everything will be good again and we can move on" then you will also be disappointed. If your mindset is to run away and hide or "rapture me now Lord" then you have also diverted your gaze from the Lord. The Lord understands how the external challenges are conducive to our necessity of our individual and corporate forging at this time in history. He wants us to understand that as well. Our hopes of change,