Time To Align

The Lord spoke to me this morning and said that it is time for those in the body to align themselves with those they intend to travel or journey with in this era in close, interdependent relationship, moving together in the same direction as community. This aligning I believe, for most, will be at least for the next 10years, and the Lord will not release you on His terms in His blessing from that commitment earlier. So if the community you are now in is unlikely to be tracking alongside the vision for your life that the Lord has for you for the next 10years, you may need to reevaluate who your community people are during this time.

The Lord also said, the ones you align yourself with in this era, will regulate your atmospheric level of expectation, growth, expansion and breakthrough. If you are the most experienced and most expectant one in a room where there are few to challenge you in the ways you need them to, and call you higher where they have gone before, you are unlikely to see much growth over these coming years. You will risk finding yourself frustrated, resentful and stunted.

I feel the pressing of the Lord on the current positioning, transitioning and aligning. That it is not a time to muck about and drag our feet, but rather act promptly committing in our hearts to do that which the Lord leads you to do.

So how do I know who my community people are? Seek with the Lord on some of these questions:

  • Who are the ones that you feel you come alive around.

  • The ones that you feel known by the Spirit by.

  • The ones with likeminded future direction and values of the kingdom.

  • The ones who can challenge you for your good, where you are receptive and still know your value.

  • The ones that know how to stand with you, fight for you and you with them.

  • Ones who you can't imagine doing life without.

  • Ones you love to build up and grow.

  • The ones who make room for you.and your gifts.

  • The ones God has entrusted you to care for.

  • The ones where you feel safe to take risks with.

  • The ones with the maturity to be future proof.

What do I mean by future proof? I believe there are future proof ones who not only can see ahead, but anything that may be faced in the future, these ones are unlikely to fall or falter in the face of challenges. They are robust, sturdy, and many know there is a refuge and a strengthening in their midst.

May you know your community for this era. It will be vital, whatever and whoever that looks like, you will be life giving to one another.

Do you have more questions around knowing your community? Ask below in the comments.

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