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What In The World?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

***** Have edited this post to limit greater public selective biased fuelling of our spiritual enemies plans against humanity and the heart of God. If I personally know you, you may request at my discretion the full post *****

By now we are likely all well aware of the warfare within Ukraine as Russian forces invade. Remember, while things may be outworked in the natural, these are primarily battles to be fought in the spirit not against our fellow man.

We also cannot just be stunned spectators.

We can pray! Intercede in the spirit for all nations. Do not curse any of the nations, even the invading ones, because remember there are civilians also needing us to intercede for them. Our battle is never against flesh and blood. It is beyond independent events, rather I have heard in the spirit over the past few years the perfect storm. That is the culmination of many factors in the earth and spiritual realm brooding and culminating into an intensified period.

I asked the Father what mood He was in the morning before any Russian invasion in Ukraine had happened. He was expectant with a gleam in his eyes, with his sleeves rolled up leaning over looking at a battle plan with confidence, readiness and expectation. It was His battle plan, not against people or nations, but against spiritual powers and principalities. God is not caught unaware my friends, He is always on the matter before even we are. He is confident in seeing His kingdom advance in power, not as empires. Pray to be vessels fully aware of and alive in His power and presence. Ask Him how to partner with His plans in the spirit. How to stand against spiritual powers. For miracles of the Lords power and protection, for the bride of Christ to spiritually and practically be active and aware of the heart and pursues of God and His outworking of love and redemptive purposes in and through all. For His revelation, wisdom and understanding to cover all hearts and minds, For enemy plans to be uncovered for the preservation of life.