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Wisdom and Sight of the Prophets Come Home

The Lord showed me an eagle flying with a branch in it’s talons. This branch had some leaves and in the place of fruit was unmarked canned goods. I could hear them banging and clanking against each other. The sound startled me fully awake as I was just waking up.

Later that same day when attending a local church during worship I saw a white owl swaddled in white silk being held in the arms of Jesus. I knew the owl was injured and broken inside. There was pain in the owls eyes. Pain of rejection and loneliness. The owl was broken, yes, but also deeply relieved it could finally relax and exhale all the pain and let Jesus heal.

the owl symbolizes the prophet’s wisdom and sight.

The wisdom and sight of the prophets in parts of the body of Christ has been forced into the wilderness. Into the waste lands, exiled, and rejected. While doing so these churches have abandoned the revelation of Holy Spirit creating a wasteland in their midst. They are a dry and thirsty land. Jesus is bringing this severed branch back to nurture and heal so the long sealed words yet unknown may be released in His perfect time. The time of grafting is at hand, but a time of healing is also needed before the fruit can bear.

Deuteronomy 32:10-11

In a desert land he found him, in a barren and howling wast