Year Of The Almond Branch

You will see the branch blossom, then fruit.

When seeking the Lord at the very start of 2019, this was what He had me name the year personally for myself, followed by the promise above and Jeremiah 1:11-12

"The word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see the branch of an almond tree.” Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am [actively] watching over My word to fulfil it.” AMP

At the time I didn't consider this as a general corporate word or promise, only a very personal and treasured one that I needed in the midst of great difficulty to hold on to in all hope. However yesterday, exactly 11months to the day, Australian prophet Anita Alexander shared her word titled "I WON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME, NO MORE DELAY, THE ALMOND TREE HAS BLOSSOMED! " [Please go read it here]

Her word freshly confirmed my own. While I only shared with a close few the greater imagery of the almond branch at the time for myself, my hope is that in sharing these with you all now, you too will lay hold of them for 2020 and beyond as your own personal promise and greater insight to the movements of God. The joys of living a proverbial forerunning life message, haha!

  • The almond tree is also referred to as the awakening tree, as a symbol of watchfulness, hastening and promise of things to come.

  • Also represents God's favour and approval. [ Aaron chosen by the budding almond branch- and Israel led by it's fruit - Numbers 17 ]

  • Almond trees are the first tree to blossom in early Jan/Feb (Northern hemisphere) while it is still winter and even in harsh conditions. "An awakener to spring".

  • Blossoms BEFORE the leaves come for effective pollination as they mostly require cross pollination.

  • Blossoming always comes before the fruit. Almonds need 180 - 240 days or 6-8months for the nut to mature.

  • They are deeply rooted and to harvest the fruit you shake the tree when the hull's (outer covering) have begun to split revealing the nuts.

So how does this all apply in correlation?

  • I believe there is now and very near both personal and collective awakenings to areas that have been dormant in our lives and our communities. Many are speaking also of unprecedented global awakening in 2020. There is a hastening and acceleration both in the spirit and in the natural taking place. There are signs now budding and blooming as indicators to the promises of God. Be watchful, have eyes to see what, where, and how God is moving and speaking, and with watchfulness act accordingly and prayerfully partner.

  • We are going to and are seeing God's favour and approval blossom on those 'branches' that have remained connected to the vine even while they they undergone a pruning that has left them feeling a sense of nakedness or exposure. But for them who have held on to Jesus as their source, their promise is one of much fruit [John 15:5]. While we all in Christ are considered priests, with Christ our high priest, I believe God is appointing some to a new place of priesthood authority and responsibility in many areas and callings that will bridge greater connection, restoration and reconciliation between people and God, and therefore also people to one another. Also the watchers on the walls being bridges of intercession, valuable mediators to see God intercede in grace and mercy which will see a harvest of souls.

  • Personally and collectively we can expect to witness lives begin to blossom out of season, before the natural circumstances and conditions surrounding them or ourselves seem favourable or conducive to flourishing. These forerunners blossoming will be an awakening sign for others that it's time and safe to emerge, breaking from dormancy, circumstantially harsh winter seasons, fear of protection and growth or even just a purposefully God led season of hiddenness, to produce new growth and fruit. The beauty of their blossoms a declaration and announcement to the world of the hope God has promised that He will hasten to perform. He is the Word, so any word He pronounces, He Himself has already given the word life within Himself to see it manifest.

  • Look for in hopeful expectation for signs of the blossoming in the beginning of the New Year of 2020 if you are yet waiting. The blossoms will come before the leaves, in other words things and lives will begin to blossom before there is other visible evidence of lush new growth, so we need to be careful not to judge self or others on the outward or unexpected appearance. It will allow for a cross pollination between people, ministries, organisations, areas of influence, business, and even personal multi vocational callings. A unification, seeding and diversity of new creativity that will produce fruit.

  • Allow self and others the space and intention to fully blossom, without the pressure during that time to produce fruit. The blossoming is going to restore hope, the experiential goodness and kindness of God and identity where the previous season these remain yet took a big hit in the battle. In the blossoming there will be the rest and peace for soul restoration that the battle weary need. As you begin to see the signs of fruit follow, likely quite quickly, allow for the full maturing process. The Lord will hasten to His word, so we don't need to feel rushed, nor pull back when things are moving faster than we thought, just remain surrendered, willing and open to fruit looking different than expected.

  • Remain deeply rooted in the Lord. Everything that was shaken revealed the strength, not the weakness, of your anchoring place. The world is being shaken, and the areas the Lord is doing the shaking is more like the shake of a snow globe to watch the beauty of the snow fall than that of an angry wrathful Father. The almond trees have withstood the past season of shaking, so that when they produce their fruit in due time, the wind of the Spirit will blow upon them shaking their branches once again in a different kind of way where we will witness and partake in the wonderful harvest as the fruit falls from lives. There will be a revealing of fruit that has been covered and protected in the process that we never would have imagined could have been produced from the previous season or lives of the unlikely and unexpected ones.

  • Perspective. The Lord asked Jeremiah what did he see. Not with his natural eyes by but the Spirit. Be watchful by the Spirit, what is the Lord revealing? Take Him at His promise.


" When the other trees are asleep, before the warmth of the springtime has awakened them from their winter slumbers, the almond tree awakes, and opens the lovely eyes of it's abundant blossoms. In Jeremiah's country, it begins to bloom in early January, it is in such haste to produce it's fruit that it is often ripe before the end of March...One of the first signs of the approach of spring is that the almond tree begins to blossom. The east wind often keeps it back, yet it struggles to it's utmost to come out while other trees are asleep... The almond tree has opened it's eyes, and looked out as if it were asking whether springtime is not coming. The almond tree is a wakeful tree, and so, says the Lord, 'I will be wakeful concerning my word to perform it.' ... God never forgets a promise...God has never forgotten a single person to whom a promise belonged."

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