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You Are Being Birthed As The New Wineskin

pt 1 - October 2022 word of the Lord

The Spirit of the Lord is saying “to the ones who have allowed Me to shape and shed you over the past three years, I am now about to birth you into the greater fullness of who I have called you to be in the earth.

You thought that the new wineskin would be found in a new method, a new moment, a new movement, and a new ministry monument. But no, you are the wineskin I have been preparing all this time.

You asked “Lord extend the place of my tent, enlarge my territory, Lord here I am send me”. And here I have been enlarging, extending, increasing your capacity and preparing for your sending, bringing you to this very place of birthing you. Right to the point you thought you would burst and break as I have confined you in the narrow places, pressing, crushing you by my hand to bring forth the finest oil, wine and grain without mixture and taint. Across every generation I am birthing living, breathing vessels of increased spiritual maturity to be carriers of My glory.

Even the youngest child will direct with visions and the fire of My Spirit in their mouths, and the eldest will burn with zeal of their best days.

I Am doing so to prepare you, to prepare My bride, to preserve you for the turbulent days to come that there would be an established remnant in the earth remaining steadfast, overflowing in My Spirit, and unshakeable in their love for Me.

I Am birthing you into place, into community fellowship of family. Those who have been seeking their resting place to set down new roots to grow deep, those who have been in their transition phase of the labouring, longing for a spiritual home of belonging. Tho