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You Have Circled This Mountain Long Enough

The seriousness of the Lord on this word is one we would do well to consider, for it is His desire to keep us from delay and pitfalls that could potentially see us off course and dealing with messes we need not have for quite some time to come.

This is what the Lord is saying; "to the mature Christian, the ones who have wondered or sat dissatisfied over the past few years between different churches or Christian communities trying to find a suitable home - it's time to stop circling this mountain and TURN.

Turn from your searching, the searching of personal significance amongst your peers, the searching of comfort and ability to blend into the crowd to switch off and hide from a busy life, the searching of familiarity with what you have known yet with an extra sprinkling of salt so it seems like it tastes new. The searching for a family that has no intention of time to know or be known outside of their own needs and goals. The searching of belonging where you can be fully alive to who you are rather than reduced to a function. The searching for a place where pain and disappointment can be avoided. The searching for the family that understands and embraces.

The Lord would say, stop your cycles of searching and turn so that you don't keep going around this same mountain over and over, causing your heart to become jaded and wounded towards the body and towards Me. Your searching will not result in finding because you are looking for your needs to be met rather than allowing Me to show you where I need to position you and why. And when I position you, you will find you have exactly what I have always intended for you. There is no place in your searching you will avoid pain and disappointment, but where I position you it will grow you not destroy you. There is a family that will understand and embrace you if you allow me to place you within it. To be fully alive to who you are and your call, to know what genuine significance with one another looks like in Me. You are discontent because you have seen a glimpse and felt the stirring in your spirit for what is to come, yet in your searching it leaves you wanting. That is because its not the responsibility of another to fulfil that vision for you, but rather it is your responsibility to walk out what I have sown in you, alongside others doing the same. Stop searching and waiting for someone else so you can exclaim "finally", it is you I calling to account not them. This is not your time to be a Sunday spectator, to hide in a sea of people, to withhold your life with a sense of entitlement. Your rest will not come through detachment while being physically present, nor a consumer only mentality, no rest comes to you th