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You Were Born For This

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

If you have been trying to make sense of the current climate and how to find your footing on solid ground rather than shifting sands, hopefully I can bring a little clarification and a sigh of relief that all is well.

You may still be asking yourself "what even is 'this'?" in this season. You can feel the shifts and tensions of being unsettled, but maybe you just can't quite see what's up ahead. And that is perfectly okay, and completely deliberate of the Lord in this season. You are not missing it, there is purpose unfolding beyond any one individual, and the mystery requires renewed trust. There is so much alignment that the Lord is invested in individually and globally right now that carries tremendous significance, power and hope for the new era we as people, not just Christian's, have stepped into. It is strategic, and every person has a place and part in His design.

It's time to cross over and 'go a way you have not been before'. And as a pioneer or forerunner, you will be required to go that way before others can to make a way for them. It is that breaker anointing on your life that carves out the highways and byways for others to journey with greater ease. This is not the time try and accomplish things the way we have before, to duplicate someone else vision (though God may give very similar or interconnecting vision to many) just so we have something to run with, and we cannot look to how the body has done things previously and resurrect that which expired with it's season. We don't disregard the former, we honour it and value it's foundations. Yes recover that which has been lost, re-dig the wells, restore that which has been broken, re-build the ruins! We just shouldn't be trying to resurrect the dead fish from last decades meals unless we want to stink up the place. There is so much creative and strategic revelation I believe, that Holy Spirit has for us all, for something fresh, that will breathe new life into dry and empty places, even those areas in our world that simply need a refresh and injection of joy again. Life that will flip the current narrative in amazement and wonder.

So how do we go a way we have not been before when we don't know what that is? What if God seems silent? I have